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About the Congress

The purpose of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology (IFPE) is to promote the acquisition,
dissemination and application of epidemiological knowledge in the fields of psychiatry and mental health. IFPE is an international nonprofit organization.

The main activity of the IFPE is the promotion of international meetings. An international Congress is held every second year, each with a widely-based scientific program. The principal language of its scientific meetings is English, but a number of Congresses have been bilingual.

The congress aims to:

IFPE was set up at an international conference in Brussels in 1985, following on earlier French-speaking meetings
held in Lyon (1981) and Geneva (1983). Its first president was Swiss and original statutes conformed to the Swiss civil code.

From these beginnings, the Federation has grown into a truly global organization. Further successful congresses have been held in Madrid (1987), Montreal (1990), Lisbon (1993), Santiago de Compostela (1996), Taipei (1999), Edmonton (2002), Bristol (2004), Gothenburg (2007), Vienna (2009), Kaohsiung (2011), Leipzig (2013) and Bergen (2015). An Asia Pacific Regional Conference was held in Shah Alam, Malaysia (2001).

Individual researchers and organizations may become member of IFPE by application to the president, and anyone is welcome to attend the conferences regardless of membership.


Department of Veterans' Affairs


University of Melbourne, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

University of Melbourne

Department of Social Services

Safe Work Australia

RMIT University

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